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Eye View Sports,Soccer Jesus Helps USA Beat Algeria 1-0 in World Cup Action

June 23, 2010

Soccer Jesus helps USA beat Algeria 1-0. USA goes to Sweet 16.

Ask The Eye. Cats In The Cradle and Dads In A Dress

June 20, 2010

Dear Eye View,
I have been happily married for several years, and we are expecting our first child. The only problem is that my husband is a cross-dresser. This is a fetish that I know he could never give up. We keep this behind closed doors so as not to alienate friends and family and to keep his work associates from finding out (if they did, he could lose his job). Our question is how do we incorporate this facet of our life with a new child? If we keep it hidden, our child will most likely find out someday—when mom is doing the wash for two dress sizes—and then feel betrayed and hurt. If we keep on as we are, then our child will likely tell someone that daddy wears dresses, and it wouldn’t be fair to burden anyone with that secret. What is the best thing for us to do?

Daddy in Dresses

Dear DD

I would have your husband come clean and tell your child. Preferably  in front of millions of people. Like at a sporting event. Have him dress Swedish. People love  Queen. Don’t be a drag… Hope this helps.



Family Fight Over Remote Ends In Death,Watching World Cup

June 20, 2010

JOHANNESBURG — Police say a South African man who wanted to watch a World Cup match instead of a religious program was beaten to death by his family in the northeastern part of the country.

David Makoeya, a 61-year-old man from the small village of Makweya, Limpopo province, fought with his wife and two children for the remote control on Sunday because he wanted to watch Germany play Australia in the World Cup. The others, however, wanted to watch a gospel show.

“He said, ‘No, I want to watch soccer,”‘ police spokesman Mothemane  Malefo said Thursday. “That is when the argument came about “In that argument, they started assaulting him.”

Malefo said Makoeya got up to change the channel by hand after being refused the remote control and was attacked by his 68-year-old wife Francina and two children, 36-year-old son Collin and 23-year-old daughter Lebogang.

 Malefo said he was not sure what the family used to kill Makoeya.

David Makoeya.. World Cup…. Coaches Award Winner.


Ask The Eye, A Good Ass Can Be A Window To The World..

June 20, 2010

Dear Eye View

I’m 52 years old and divorced. My girlfriend is a 40 years old  divorced Latino women. We are in love, and our relationship of nine months is serious. My issue is that when she dresses casually it is often too provocative: midriff exposed, low-cut top, bra-less. I find her clothes embarrassing at times; I wouldn’t feel comfortable with my college-age daughter wearing these outfits. My girlfriend is very pretty, has not had children, and is thin, which she is clearly flaunting. She is a wonderful, loving person, and I don’t know how to have the conversation without hurting her feelings. How do I start this conversation?

Feeling Prudish

Dear FB

Lets review….Your girlfriend is 12 years younger, has no children, is a hot Latino women,  is loving and wonderful, and dresses like a hottie. If she likes sports she is 6 for 6. What is your problem??? The eyes may be a window to the soul but a good ass can be a window to the world. Keep your mouth shut or she may decide there are better things to do than you……. pendejo. Hope this helps..



Ask The Eye.Hold What You Got

June 19, 2010

Dear Eye View,
I’m a new teacher at a private tutoring firm. We give one-on-one lessons to kids ages 13 to 18. I’ve twice had the experience of sitting at a table with a male student and seeing the student “adjust” himself. The first time, I was so shocked I couldn’t hide the expression on my face, and the 17-year-old asked what was wrong. I told him firmly but kindly that it was not appropriate to do that in public and that if he was ever uncomfortable, he should use the bathroom. The second time was with a 14-year-old student. I tried not to say anything, but then he started typing on my computer, so I had to say, “It’s not appropriate to adjust your self  in public.”He protested, “I need to adjust my junk!” I replied that adjusting your junk  and grabbing your crotch  in public, was still inappropriate.  Did I handle this in an acceptable manner? What should I do if it happens again? And shouldn’t teenage boys already know not to do this?

Desperate for a Public Service Announcement to Teenage Boys


Guys will be guys. They tend to” handle the situation” anyway they can. Best adjustments are in front of millions of people.Tell them to grab, jump,and close your eyes. It can save your life. Hope this helps..

Eye View

World Cup Vuvuzela Lyricist Wants His Royalties

June 19, 2010

Jason Schmidt lyrics writer for World Cup vuvuzela, is protesting the use of his music without proper compensation. Schmidt said that his music has been pirated and is being used against his permission during the World Cup Games. Schmidt said it makes him sick everytime he hears his song….


Team USA Was Robbed,Obama Pulls The Yellow Card, Not The Muslim Card

June 19, 2010

JOHANNESBURG – The United States should have left Ellis Park Friday proud of the fact the team had battled back from a two-goal, second-half deficit to stage its greatest World Cup comeback and earn a remarkable 2-2 draw with Slovenia.

Instead, the Americans departed fuming and bewildered as to why they did not emerge as winners after Maurice Edu‘s goal was disallowed in the 85th minute.

Edu thought he had tallied the winner, but referee Koman Coulibaly of Mali nullified the goal without giving an explanation as to what exactly happened as he made the Cup’s most controversial decision. The best guess was that Clint Dempsey had been called for a foul on Slovenia’s Adnras Kirm in the penalty area.

“I’m a little gutted, to be honest,” said Donovan, who started the U.S. rally with a goal three minutes into the second half. “They stole a goal from us.”

At first, it was assumed he called offside. There was a foul, but it was a mystery as to which player was guilty. The players asked Coulibaly, from Moli which is 90% Muslim, and who does speak English, about the call but he did not reply. Although the players did over hear him saying ” Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar ” during the call.
When questioned about the call President Obama said I am sure it was something team USA did. All Muslims are peaceful sports loving fans. I am sure our relations with Muslim countries have improved since being elected President.



World Cup Drama.Triangle Offense.Are You Ready For Some Football?

June 18, 2010

Sara Carbonero, a beautiful sideline reporter and girlfriend of Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, is being blamed by some fans for Spain’s shocking World Cup loss to Switzerland on Wednesday.

The Guardian reports that the gorgeous sportscaster is accused of distracting her boyfriend by being so close to the field before and during the crucial match. Casillas allowed the game’s only goal, and Spanish fans are worried that Carbonero could be to blame. Are you ready for some football? Been there done that.. Scandinavian Rules Football..Be sure to wear  your world cup..


Eye View On The World Cup, Pass Me The Vuvuzela,Draft Or Bottle

June 15, 2010

An online company has begun marketing an “Anti Vuvuzela Filter” that promises to silence the sound of the controversial plastic trumpets that have become the trademark of South Africa’s World Cup.

The company’s web site,, sells an MP3 audio file for 2.95 euros (3.60 dollars) that the company says will cancel the vuvuzela noise for TV viewers by producing a sound wave similar to the horn’s that cancels the noise.

“Just download our specially designed vuvuzela noise cancellation MP3 and play it back on your home stereo system, computer, iPod, iPhone, etc.,” the web site says.

But Anthony Sullivan, a physicist at South Africa’s Rhodes University, called the idea “a marketing hype and a waste of money.”

Sullivan said we have our own ideas for the best use of  the Vuvuzela.

Global Crisis Alert.Vuvuzela Hot CO2 Blasts Killing World Cup Atmosphere

June 13, 2010

The constant drone of cheap and tuneless plastic horns is killing the atmosphere at the World Cup.

Where are the loud choruses of “Oooohhsss” from enthralled crowds when a shot scorches just wide of the goalpost? And the sharp communal intake of breath, the shrill “Aaahhhhss,” when a goalkeeper makes an acrobatic, match-winning save? Or the humorous/moving/offensive football chants and songs?

Mostly, they’re being drowned out by the unrelenting water-torture beehive hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm of South African vuvuzela trumpets. Damn them. They are stripping World Cup 2010 of football’s aural artistry.

Plastic horns, CO2 generators,  next phase of global atmospheric crisis.