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Ask The Eye The Way You Look Tonight

November 12, 2013

Dear Eye View  I am currently in marriage counseling with my wife after she discovered my three-year-long relationship with another woman. After a lot of soul-searching, I truly want to make the marriage work and ended my affair with “Sandy” for good. The problem we have is Sandy’s son, “John.” Sandy has been a single mother most of her life and I am the only father figure he’s known. John and I developed a bond over the years and I feel as though it would be cruel to cut him out of my life because I am no longer in a relationship with his mother. My wife is adamant that she won’t stay in the marriage if I maintain any ties with either John or Sandy. I feel disappointed in her for not having the compassion to see John is the innocent victim here who needs my ongoing support. I’ve previously promised John I would always be a part of his life and I don’t want to go back on that. Shouldn’t my wife be more understanding of a child’s needs? Confused

Dear C

I understand your concern.You may have done a lot of soul-searching and realized you would prefer to stay with your wife. But if her terms for repairing your marriage are unacceptable to you, then you’ve got a serious dilemma. I can see both your and her points of view here, and no matter what happens John gets hurt. You don’t mention whether you have children of your own, but if you do, even if they’re grown, she may be more concerned about her own family.This is a difficult situation. But can you imagine how how much complicated   it could  be if Sandy was gone and you and your wife had to care for John who would be a constant reminder of Sandy.Could be a case of ol blue eyes crying in the rain. Hope this helps



Wealthy Florida Man Pulls The Old Reverse Woody Allen And Adopts His 42-Year Old Girlfriend

February 2, 2012

A wealthy Florida man has adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend as a daughter in a move critics say will protect the man’s assets during an upcoming lawsuit surrounding a deadly car accident.

Polo Club Palm Beach founder John Goodman, 48, adopted his longtime partner Heather Laruso Hutchins in October, The Palm Beach Post reports.

The strategy could shore up Goodman’s wealth as he confronts a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of Scott Patrick Wilson, The Associated Press says. Wilson was killed in 2010 when Goodman allegedly ran a stop sign. The trial begins March 27.

Goodman pulls the old reverse Woody Allen adopting his  42 -year old girlfriend rather than  Woody marrying his 24- year old adopted daughter.

It Takes A Rhodes Scholar To Help Raise A Celebrity Family

November 21, 2011

The son of actress and activist Mia Farrow and director Woody Allen has been chosen as a Rhodes Scholar.

Ronan Farrow is among 32 American students who will be awarded scholarships to study at Oxford University. It’s not the first academic distinction for Farrow, who is a special adviser to the Secretary of State for global youth issues.

He had started college as a child, graduating from Bard College in 2004 when he was 15. He started Yale Law School when he was 17 and graduated in 2009.

He’s also worked as special adviser for humanitarian and NGO affairs in the State Department’s Office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Rhodes scholarships provide all expenses for study at the prestigious university in England.

It takes a Rhodes Scholar to help raise a celebrity family…Ronan Farrow, Woodys son of his wives mother and  his wife’s brother…




Woody Allen Says NYC Has Become Too Expensive To Shoot Movies

August 24, 2010

Woody Allen says he began shooting movies in European cities because he couldn’t afford to do so in New York.

However, the film director told reporters in the northern Spanish city of Oviedo that he finds Manhattan poses fewer limitations than European cities, where more tailoring of the story is required to fit the location.

Allen was in Spain Tuesday to attend a premiere of his last film, “You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger” in the nearby town of Aviles.

On Monday, Allen, who is being accompanied by his wife and one of his daughters, took part in a promotional video for the Asturias region, known for its stunning mountains and coastal scenery.

Director of Manhatten flees NYC for cities with lower taxes….No more New York Stories…