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Ask The Eye Communicate or Spend A Night In The Box

April 29, 2014

Dear Eye View

Four years ago my mother-in-law had a stroke and lost the use of her right arm. She felt that she couldn’t use much of her jewelry anymore so she gave me a few of her pieces. Although the gesture was sweet, the jewelry was not my taste. I had kept it put away for many years, but finally this past winter, money was a little tight and I decided to sell some of my least favorite. I ended up using the money for groceries so we could have a little extra money for Christmas and a birthday for our youngest child. Just a month or so ago my mother-in-law called me up to asked if she could borrow for the very hoop earrings I sold and my heart sank! I told her the clasp was broken from a one time use and were unusable, and she left it at that. Then a couple of weeks ago she asked my husband if he remembered the heart necklace she gave me, he told her he did, she also asked for that back so she could wear it again. Well, I sold that one too! My husband has no idea I sold these items and I don’t think he would say anything about it if I told him. Now I’m hoping she doesn’t ask for it again, but I know she will. Do I fess up? Scared

Dear Scared

I understand your concern. Your mother- in- law gave you a gift with strings attached. You have lied about pawning the jewelry to your mother- in- law. You have failed to tell your husband you needed to pawn the jewelry to buy groceries. What we have here is an old fashioned FTC (failure to communicate). Tell your husband you sold his moms crappy jewelry and tell him to tell her to quit asking about it and you are running short on cash. Otherwise he spends a night in the box.