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Bankrupt Wayne Newton’s Boat Sinks, Tells Insurance Company Danke Schoen

October 22, 2013


A yacht owned by Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton has sunk at a Lake Mead marina. The 65-foot vessel sank stern-first in 45 feet of water while it was in a slip at the Temple Bar marina. That’s on the Arizona side of the Colorado River reservoir, about 80 miles east of Las Vegas. National  Park Service spokeswoman Christie Vanover said Monday no one was on the boat, and no injuries are reported. “(The boat) began taking on water around 9:30 a.m. and sunk within minutes,” Vanover said in a statement.Newton’s sister-in-law, Tricia McCrone, confirms that the 1996 Skipperliner named Rendezvous belongs to Newton. McCrone said Newton and his wife were vacationing out of the country when the boat sank Friday.

Wayne Newton tells his insurance company Danke Schoen.



Las Vegas Mayor Goodman Blows Off Meeting With Obama, Still Not Amused

July 9, 2010

At today’s press conference, Mayor Oscar Goodman of Las Vegas  indicated that fences have been mended with the White House since February, when Goodman had refused to attend President Obama’s functions in Las Vegas.

At that time, Goodman wanted the president to make an apology following Obama’s Feb. 2 remark to a New Hampshire audience: “You don’t blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you’re trying to save for college.”

Then Goodman said during a hastily called news conference that Obama is no friend to Las Vegas and would not be welcomed here if he visits.

“I’ll do everything I can to give him the boot,” Goodman said. “This president is a real slow learner.”

Obama didn’t offer the full apology, but did tell a large gathering of Las Vegas business leaders in February, “Let me set the record straight: I love Vegas.”

“I’d like a declaration of support. But I think the last time he was here he did the right thing by us. I don’t hold him any grudges,” Goodman said.

However, the mayor says he still won’t get to meet with the president when he campaigns tonight and Friday in Las Vegas.

“I wish I could. I wish I could be out there,” Goodman said.

“I’m meeting with Wayne Newton at 5,” Goodman said. “That’s been set up for over a week.” “Danke Schoen”