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Eye View Medicine.Retinal Scan Proves Successful In Birth Control

June 3, 2010

Recent research findings are showing successful results of retinal scan for improved  birth control. Clinical findings indicate that 1- hour- a- day of shopping in a Walmart Store have a significant impact on reduced chances of reproduction. This research is still ongoing but empiracle data appears optimistic.

 Early side effects though show cravings for pork rinds and cigarettes.


Bill Clinton Sends Out Mass Email for Hookup

May 13, 2010

There are many ways to pay off campaign debts — cajoling phone calls, begging letters — but Bill Clinton believes that he has come up with a better method to wipe out the financial obligations outstanding from his wife’s failed presidential bid.

He is raffling himself. In an e-mail sent to millions of people who supported Hillary Clinton’s White House campaign, the former President asks: “How would you like the chance to come up to New York and spend the day with me?” For those who would like the One-Day-With-Bill prize, an online donation of as little as $5  will buy them the chance.

By 2007, seven years after leaving the White House, the Clintons had earned a combined $109 million  through speaking engagements and bestselling memoirs. Even so, apparently they would prefer American voters to settle Mrs Clinton’s remaining $771,000 debt rather than paying it themselves.

“Hillary’s campaign still has a few vestiges of debt that I know she would like to see paid in full. Will you reach out today to help Hillary this one last time?” Mr Clinton asks. In her marathon battle against Barack Obama Mrs Clinton’s debts peaked at $25.2 million. More than $13 million of that she lent to her own campaign — a huge sum that she will never recoup.

This is the second time in a year that Mr Clinton has offered himself as a lottery prize to whittle down his wife’s debt, something that makes some of their supporters cringe. As Secretary of State she is barred from raising money herself to pay it off.

Clintons poll numbers go up in Nigerian Internet scammers precincts….Bubbalicious..You can take the Clintons out of Walmart but can’t take Walmart out of the Clintons.. A Lewinski not included..



Business Eye View..Wal-Mart plans expansion of Low-income Money Services

March 20, 2010

 Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer,  plans to have as many as 1,500 “Money Centers,” or financial services operations that can cash checks, pay bills, and fill out tax forms, among other things.Money centers have generally catered to customers who do not have banks. Wal-Mart cannot lend money or guarantee deposits.Wal-Mart tried to obtain a bank charter in 2007, but criticism from lawmakers and banking industry officials pushed the company to withdraw its application… Customers with no banks….. thats why there are so many cash transactions and mattresses  in the parking lots….