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World Cup Ejects Vuvuzela and Now Caxirola In Double Kickout

June 11, 2014

The 2014 World Cup has an answer to the infernal vuvuzela that tortured eardrums four years ago – and it has somehow managed to become even more controversial than its droning predecessor. Hopes were high that the caxirola, a colorful plastic contraption filled with tiny beads that makes a hissing sound when shaken, could become a much-loved symbol of the tournament. Instead, despite being installed as the official World Cup Noisy Plastic Thing (my term, not FIFA’s) and backed by Brazil’s president Dilma Roussef, the caxirola (pronounced ka-she-roll-ah) has gotten itself banned from tournament venues and seems destined to be consigned to an inglorious place of ignominy as a future World Cup trivia question. Caxirola banned as weapon of mass disruption.



World Cup Committee Tells US What We Can Do With Our Vuvuzelas

December 4, 2010

America’s final pitch to host to the 2022 World Cup was left to a former president and an Oscar-winning actor, who talked of diversity and outlined an aggressive economic plan with hopes of sweeping past Australia, Japan, Qatar and South Korea in Thursday’s vote.

Bill Clinton and Morgan Freeman were the key speakers in a 30-minute presentation that included a video from President Barack Obama and focused heavily on the financial boost soccer would get worldwide by returning to the U.S., where the sport has experienced slow, steady growth during the past 25 years.

While Clinton’s speech veered into highlights of his own foundation’s achievements, Freeman invoked the name of Nelson Mandela, the former South African president who helped bring the 2010 World Cup to that nation. Freeman portrayed Mandela in the movie “Invictus,” based on the former political prisoner’s role in the 1995 Rugby World Cup and using it to unite a country separated by apartheid

America loses bid for 2022 World Cup to Quatar with a total of 3 votes. World Cup committee tells US how to recycle our vuvuzelas.


New Sonic Camera For The First Time Captures Vuvuzela Sound Waves

July 11, 2010

A new sonic digital  camera captures the vuvuzela sonic waves hovering above the stadium. Vuvuzela sound waves are visible from space and show representation of decibel level..

Eye View Sports,Fan Attempts to Attack The World Cup Trophy, Said the Vuvuzela In His Head Made Him Do It..

July 11, 2010

JOHANNESBURG — A spectator ran onto the field and tried to grab the World Cup trophy Sunday, moments before the Spain and Netherlands players were due to walk out at Soccer City for the tournament’s final match.

A man ran in from a corner of the stadium and raced across the field toward the halfway line, where the trophy had been placed on a pedestal for the players to parade past.

The man was tackled just before he could get his hands on the trophy and was carried away by seven security guards, taken up the tunnel and past the waiting players as the crowd cheered.

Italy defender Fabio Cannavaro, who last lifted the World Cup trophy as winning captain when his team won the title in Berlin four years ago, had carried the trophy onto the field in its Louis Vuitton case. He took it out, and placed it on the stand facing the many dignitaries in attendance.

After Cannavaro left the field, the trophy stayed alone on the grass awaiting the arrival of the two teams. It was eventually taken off after the Dutch and Spanish national anthems were played.

Fan attempts to steal the trophy….Uses the vuvuzela insanity plea  defense….I couldn’t take it anymore….Wow that trophy is smaller than it appears on TV…

World Cup Vuvuzela Lyricist Wants His Royalties

June 19, 2010

Jason Schmidt lyrics writer for World Cup vuvuzela, is protesting the use of his music without proper compensation. Schmidt said that his music has been pirated and is being used against his permission during the World Cup Games. Schmidt said it makes him sick everytime he hears his song….


Eye View On The World Cup, Pass Me The Vuvuzela,Draft Or Bottle

June 15, 2010

An online company has begun marketing an “Anti Vuvuzela Filter” that promises to silence the sound of the controversial plastic trumpets that have become the trademark of South Africa’s World Cup.

The company’s web site,, sells an MP3 audio file for 2.95 euros (3.60 dollars) that the company says will cancel the vuvuzela noise for TV viewers by producing a sound wave similar to the horn’s that cancels the noise.

“Just download our specially designed vuvuzela noise cancellation MP3 and play it back on your home stereo system, computer, iPod, iPhone, etc.,” the web site says.

But Anthony Sullivan, a physicist at South Africa’s Rhodes University, called the idea “a marketing hype and a waste of money.”

Sullivan said we have our own ideas for the best use of  the Vuvuzela.