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Can You Hear Me Guy Glad His Hell Hole Job Is Over

April 15, 2011

You won’t hear him now.Verizon Wireless is taking its famous cell phone commercials — featuring actor Paul Marcarelli uttering the phrase, “Can you hear me now?” — in a new direction.

In a new profile in The Atlantic, Marcarelli says he was informed of the change via email last September.

“Don’t feel bad for me, but I’m definitely glad that chapter is over,” he said. “Most people my age are now trying to trade in their street cred for money, and I kind of made my money.”

Marcarelli landed the role of Test Man nine years ago. At first, he says he was embarrassed. “The reality was, it was a job,” he says.

But the gig came with a price. He tells The Atlantic how, at his grandmother’s funeral, a family friend whispered “Can you hear me now?” as her body was being lowered into the ground.

Marcarelli, who is gay, also says that kids used to drive past his home in Guilford, Connecticut, at night, yelling, “Can you hear me now?” and spewing gay slurs. He says he never filed a police report because he was afraid of the publicity

Can you hear me guy glad his hell hole job is over. Admits there are some worse telecommunication jobs.

British Health Officials Working Hard On Phone App To Diagnosis STD, Does It Burn Now?

November 9, 2010

British health officials are hard at work on a new app that will allow users to pee into their cell phones and find out within minutes if they have an STD.

According to The Guardian, £4 million have been invested in the UK Clinical Research Collaboration, which is creating a smartphone app that will allow users, “to put urine or saliva on to a computer chip about the size of a USB chip, plug it into their phone or computer and receive a diagnosis within minutes.”

Cell phone used to diagnosis STD..Does it burn now?

Eye View Technology When You Have Run Out Of Ideas A Star Wars-themed R2-D2 Smartphone Will Go on Sale Tomorrow

September 29, 2010

Verizon Wireless, which sells the product in the US, said the limited edition Motorola DROID (2) would feature a graphic design on the back depicting the Astromech Droid.

In addition to the phone, consumers will also receive a Star Wars-themed media dock, a wired stereo headset, and exclusive, pre-loaded content including R2-D2 notification sounds and ringtones, four live wallpapers, an R2-D2 clock widget and “The Best of R2-D2” video with the original music from the Cantina on the pirate city of Mos Eisley, which is visited by Han Solo in Star Wars Episode IV. 

Star Wars phones..When you have run out of ideas..