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Eye View Sports, Australian Open Fashion Redunkulous

January 25, 2011

MELBOURNE, Australia — The start of Ekaterina Makarova’s fourth-round match against Kim Clijsters at the Australian Open was delayed slightly when the chair umpire noticed that a sponsor logo on the front of the Russian’s shirt was too large.

The umpire, Mariana Alves of Portugal, asked Makarova to change the shirt before the match could begin. The player left the arena and returned without one of the logos on her shirt.

The Grand Slam Rule Book specifies that advertising logos cannot exceed four square inches (26 square centimeters) if there is one logo, or 2 two square inches (13 square centimeters) if there are two, on the front of a shirt.

Makarova later moved the logo from the front of her shirt to her right sleeve, where larger logos are permitted.

After the match Makarova filed a complaint with the tournament directors claiming her clothing violation was nowhere as bad as Venus Williams’s.

Tournament directors responded that there is no mention of excessive  badonkadonk   in the Grand Slam Rule Book..


Ask The Eye..I See France

May 24, 2010

Dear Eye View,
My wedding is 59 days away, and I am concerned about my future mother-in-law’s dress. She is a wonderful woman who makes me feel accepted as her son’s choice for a wife. But with only two months left before the wedding, she had finally begun her search for a dress. Last Sunday, my mother-in-law held my bridal shower at her house. My mother told me that while she was there, she saw a photo of the dress my mother-in-law picked out. She described it as “young, low-cut, and flowing.” I wanted to get to the bottom of this, as my mother-in-law had not even informed me that she had purchased anything. So, after the party, I sent her an e-mail, and she sent me a picture of the dress. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.   It’s fit and styled for someone my age—25! And it doesn’t even go with my champagne-colored dress, the bridesmaids’ sage green, the chocolate brown tuxes, and my mother’s pale pink dress. I can’t swallow the fact that she would attempt such a daring wardrobe choice on a day so important to me and her son. This dress has been ordered and is not set to arrive until two weeks before our wedding! I really need advice on how to tell her that I do not feel it is appropriate to wear.

Frustrated Bride

Dear FB

The Eye hears you. As you know, the Eye has a real eye for fashion. For a summer wedding have your mother- in- law wear  a lacy, black overlay dress, giving  the illusion of being see-through, with bright red trim on the bodice, with a  corset-like  look that works for wedding or even formal sporting events. Its all about illusion.. but be careful not to have her cross over from illusional to  delusional. Hope this helps..

Eye View