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Ask The Eye No Masters Degree Conflict? Put It On Facebook

April 17, 2014

Dear Eye View

Several years ago I was enrolled in a Ph.D. program at an Ivy League university. About halfway into my second year I fell into a deep depression. I realized my proposed dissertation was garbage, and that I didn’t want to pursue a career in academia. Somehow I passed my classes, and at the end of the school year I left abruptly. I had confided to one professor that I was unhappy. He said that my most significant paper would qualify as a master’s thesis and knew I had enough credits, so he suggested I submit it and get the master’s. I couldn’t even do that. Then my computer died and I lost most (though not all) of my work; it was one of the greatest weights ever lifted off my shoulders. Now four years later I am the happiest I have ever been, but I’m looking back with regret that I didn’t follow through. I have the knowledge that a master’s degree from a prestigious university represents, but I do not have the piece of paper. (No way can I redo the work.) My life is great and I love my new career. My work is only tangentially related to my old field, so should I just completely put this out of my mind forever? If so, how?

—Secret Master

Dear SM

I understand your concern. You claim you got depressed and your computer broke.  You sound conflicted. You write you are the happiest you have ever been but have regrets in the same sentence. One way to stop this conflict is to lie. Lie  about having a masters degree. Put it on Facebook. This should help with your conflict.  Hope this helps.





70% Of Presidents Twitter Followers Are Fake

August 28, 2012

President Obama’s Twitter account has 18.8 million followers — but more than half of them really don’t exist, according to reports.

A new Web tool has determined that 70% of Obama’s crowd includes “fake followers,” The New York Times reports in a story about how Twitter followers can be purchased.

“The practice has become so widespread that StatusPeople, a social media management company in London, released a Web tool last month called the Fake Follower Check that it says can ascertain how many fake followers you and your friends have,” the Times reports.

70% of Obama Twitter followers are bought. Rest of survey numbers are rented..

Ask The Eye, Get In Their Face, Thats The Ticket

November 16, 2010

Dear Eye View,

I have some dear friends who went to visit my old hometown on the coast. Because they are avid nature lovers and expressed some interest, I managed to secure some tickets to the local aquarium. Imagine my horror as they “live tweeted” and Facebook-posted their utter contempt for the place. They criticized the exhibits as chintzy, pathetic, and dull, even posting photos of themselves pointing, laughing, and being bored to tears while ridiculing the animals. The aquarium is small, funded via donations and grants, and is dedicated to rehabilitating injured animals. They managed somehow to find fault with this, stating that they found themselves stuck watching “retarded, gimpy things” and how grateful they were that they didn’t have to pay to see them. I have been to this aquarium many times and applaud the efforts they undertake to help animals. I have no idea how to respond, if at all, to the drubbing my friends inflicted. I feel personally ashamed for some reason and don’t even want to talk to these people again. My partner said I should let it go, but I can’t help but think these people should have handled their disappointment, and my gift, differently. Advice?

Yea your friends are losers.. Get in their face.. Thats the ticket.. Hope this helps.