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Joe Biden “Hits The Accelerator” On Stimulus, Must Be The Floor Mat

August 27, 2010

FRESNO, Calif. — Vice President Joe Biden said this week that the Obama administration “hit the accelerator” toward spending $5 billion under the economic stimulus law to weatherize people’s homes, create thousands of jobs, help consumers save money and put the nation on track for energy independence.

Yet the weatherization program the vice president highlighted in his visit Thursday to New Hampshire is widely considered among the least organized spending projects under the $814 billion economic stimulus law and has regularly been targeted for criticism of its slow progress by auditors and outsiders. Biden didn’t hint much at its troubles.

Nearly 18 months since it started, the stimulus weatherization program has experienced spending delays, inefficiencies and mismanagement. In Biden’s home state of Delaware, the entire program has been suspended since May, and last month federal auditors identified possible fraud.

Both Joe and Toyota have sticking floor mats…Time for recall……..



Toyota Crisis Averted? Government Sitting On Final Report

August 5, 2010

Remember how Toyota was slapped with a $16.4m fine for allegedly withholding information and delaying recalls? Remember how Toyota was served again with a subpoena for information, what many read as the prelude for another $16.4m fine? (If anyone again says that $16,4m is pocket change, please send me the pocket change.) Well, there are some people in Washington who claim  that it’s the U.S.  government that might be withholding information.

According to Dow Jones Newswire (via The Nikkei [sub] ) “the Obama administration came under pressure to disclose more information about its investigation of Toyota Motor Corp. with congressional Republicans questioning whether officials are withholding data that could favor Toyota in some crashes.”

Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, the senior Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, sent a letter to NHTSA, asking them to fork over crash data that, according to articles in the Wall Street Journal and TTAC article published last week, proves that in many crashes, the driver had his or her foot on the gas instead of the brake.

If it is determined the government charges were baseless, then government should face a penalty for trashing Toyota stock..


Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda Got Ripped By Congress, Never Mind,Shifted Gears To Next Bogus Crisis

July 13, 2010

The U.S. Department of Transportation has analyzed dozens of data recorders from Toyota Motor Corp. vehicles involved in accidents blamed on sudden acceleration and found that at the time of the crashes, throttles were wide open and the brakes were not engaged, people familiar with the findings said.

The results suggest that some drivers who said their Toyota and Lexus vehicles surged out of control were mistakenly flooring the accelerator when they intended to jam on the brakes. But the findings don’t exonerate Toyota from two known issues blamed for sudden acceleration in its vehicles: sticky accelerator pedals and floor mats that can trap accelerator pedals to the floor.

Transportation Department officials, however, have said publicly that they have yet to find any electronic problems in Toyota.

Toyota and H1N1, nothing to show for it, moved on to next bogus crisis.


Census Worker Carjacked..Said He Didn’t Count On This

May 10, 2010

A Census Bureau worker was the victim of a carjacking in Hamden, and the suspect is just 14-years-old.

The 50-year-old Hamden resident was sitting in his car, clearly marked with a Census Bureau sign, on Hamden Park Drive Thursday around 6:00 p.m., according to police.

The victim told police the teen came up to him with a gun and ordered him out of the car, then stole money from him.

Jumping in the car, the teen sped away, but returned a short time later and ordered the victim to drive him to the First Street area, police said.

The teen jumped out of the car at First Street and fled on foot.

Working with several leads, police arrested the 14-year-old suspect around 9:00 p.m. Thursday night.

In a strange incident, the Census employee said he was interrupted while taking a short nap in his vehicle. He stated after having my car stolen,” I decided to stand there and take my mandatory lunch break until further notification.” Police are still unclear why the 14 year old returned to highjack the census employee. The 14 year- old suspect claims he was too young to legally drive, and wanted the 50 year old to drive him.

The Census worker stated, “this wasn’t covered in my 5 week training class and will file suit against the government and Toyota”.

Toyotas Hits Just Keep on Coming

April 30, 2010

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration chief David Strickland told a congressional hearing  that the regulator is considering whether to make “black boxes” mandatory for all new vehicles. [ID:nN11246251]The devices can capture data on speed, braking effort and other details which can be vital in reconstructing accidents. New cars and  would be required to carry black boxes to record crash information under a new series of proposals following Toyota’s massive recalls.The draft also proposes that manufacturers would help fund the U.S. government’s motor industry safety agency.

Wonder if they would be available in Nascar designs…

Weiner and Cox Law Firm…We Will Show You The Money

March 28, 2010

Wiener and Cox has had extensive experience in successfully litigating Passenger Van rollover accidents. . Over 500,000 are in use in the United States. According to government statistics, over 1,200 fatal crashes have occurred involving the large, heavy vans since 1990.

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