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Eye View Hollywood, Eva Longoria Unstuck From Tony Parker Still Stuck With Stupid Tatoo, Shes Not Very Quink

January 13, 2011
Eva Longoria may be legally dropping estranged husband Tony Parker’s last name, but the actress is still stuck with a few permanent reminders of their failed marriage.

Shortly after the couple wed in an elaborate ceremony in Italy three years ago, they had the Roman numerals of their wedding date, 7/7/07, tattooed on their bodies. Longoria had the date inked on the inside of her right wrist, while Parker made the romantic gesture of having it put on his left ring finger.

As if that weren’t symbolic enough, the actress also had Parker’s jersey number, “Nine,” tattooed on the back of her neck the next year. Several months later, Parker followed suit and had the same inscription placed on his right hand.

According to, Longoria also has Parker’s initials tattooed in a private part of her body.

Now that they are on their way to divorce court, Longoria may not be so fond of what was once considered a token of permanent love.

Eva Longoria now realizes she should have gone with Parker Quink washable ink for tattoo and marriage documents. As we all know Longoria is not very quink.