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Obama Lies About Snooki, The View Exposes Snookigate

July 30, 2010
President Obama went on ‘The View’ yesterday  and was asked some very difficult questions. For example, Joy Behar asked “Should Snooki run as mayor of Wasilla?” His response to the question, aimed to take a jab at Sarah Palin, was to say he did not know who Snooki was. Unfortunately the President was not totally truthful.At the White House Correspondents Association Roast dinner on May 1, Obama joked about Snooki and her MTV reality show ‘Jersey Shore’ in his health-care bill: Obama joked that, Tonight, in the interest of transparency, I would like to share a couple. Let’s see. This provision is called the Bay State of Denial. It reads, this bill shall cover short-term memory loss relating to the passage of Massachusetts’ health care reform. Good news. Your condition is covered.

Also in discussing the new 10% tax on tanning salons he joked that   this provision is called the Jersey Shore-up. It reads, the following individuals shall be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill. Snooki, JWoww, The Situation, and…House Minority Leader John Boehner.

Obama takes jab at Palin,trips over feet..



The Real View, Obama Chooses Fundraisers Over Flag Raisers

July 28, 2010

President Obama will make history as the first sitting president on a daytime talk show when he visits with the ladies of “The View.” But he’ll be missing out on another historic occasion — the Boy Scouts’ Jamboree marking the group’s 100th anniversary, right in the president’s backyard. 

 The Jamboree kicked off this week at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia, where organizers had invited the president to speak to the 45,000 scouts in attendance. All three of Obama’s predecessors have made it to one Jamboree while in office.

But the president will instead be traveling Wednesday to New York for a taping of the ABC show, as well as Democratic fundraisers and a stop in New Jersey.

The White House said Tuesday that the fundraisers, not the TV appearance, prevented the president from attending

Obama obviously likes fundraisers over flag raisers…


Obama Shares His Views On ABC’s Wombs With A View, Getting Sensitive With The Stay- At- Home Unemployed

July 26, 2010

  NEW YORK (AP) – ABC’s “The View” has welcomed many notable guests, but none more prominent than President Barack Obama, who is scheduled to visit for Thursday’s edition.

In making the announcement on Monday, executive producers Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie said this marks the first time a sitting U.S. president has visited a daytime talk show.

They said the majority of the hour will be devoted to Obama’s appearance, which will touch on topics including jobs, the economy, the Gulf oil spill and family life inside the White House. It is scheduled to tape on Wednesday.

“We are so pleased and honored,” Walters said.

Obama politicking to the at- home unemployed. Whoopeee…..Wombs with a View

Ask The Eye View.Obnoxious and Stupid Is No Way To Go Through Life

May 27, 2010

Dear Eye View,
Last week, my boyfriend and I took his teenage daughter to a major league baseball game with seats in a corporate suite. As with most suites, the food and drink were complimentary. We arrived before the game and were able to enjoy several different types of ballpark food—nachos, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. My boyfriend’s daughter helped herself to a few things, one of which was a hot dog roll—just the roll, no hot dog. While I thought this odd, it was no big deal. About 20 minutes after that, she went back to the buffet and took two more rolls and ate them both! After the game, I mentioned to my boyfriend that I thought this was inappropriate, given that the rolls were there to accompany the hot dogs and that most of the other suite guests had not arrived yet and therefore had not had a chance to get food. He felt that as a guest in the suite, she was entitled to whatever she wanted and however much she wanted. And he said that there was no formal etiquette rule to address this. What do you think?

—Ms. Everything in Moderation

Dear Everything in Moderation..

Mind your own business when it comes to your boyfriend’s kid..Being  an invited  guest, she is entitled to carb up with as many freakin’ hot dog buns as is reasonable. Learn a little guest etiquette. Obnoxious and stupid is no way to go through life..You obviously have an inflated “view” of your self. Try  to actually be a friend to this bread-loving teen.Tell your boyfriend you were wrong and hopefully have him guessing how much of an idiot you are..a little longer. .Hope this helps.

Eye View