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Researchers Determine Technology Has Spawned “New Brain” Entertainment Creates Evolutionary Leap

December 17, 2012

Technology has changed the way people think, creating “a new brain,” two Italian psychology experts say.

Psychologist Maria Beatrice Togo, who collaborated with psychotherapist Tonino Cantelmi on a new book released Friday, “Technoliquidity,” postulates entertainment technology, such as video games, “has triggered an evolutionary leap, just like the written word 3,000 years ago.” “The human brain has not changed on an anatomical level but it now works  differently. It is a new brain. And the protagonists of this historic step, the  ones with a ‘new brain,’ are the children and adolescents of today.”

Technoliquidity postulates entertainment technology creates a new brain in children of today.


Denmark Cancels Fat Tax Saying Product Costs Increase While Danes Run For The Border And Food Police A Step Behind

November 11, 2012

COPENHAGEN — Denmark said Saturday it would scrap a fat tax it introduced a little over a year ago in a world first, saying the measure was costly and failed to change Danes’ eating habits.”The fat tax and the extension of the chocolate tax — the so-called sugar tax — has been criticised for increasing prices for consumers, increasing companies’ administrative costs and putting Danish jobs at risk,” the Danish tax ministry said in a statement.

“At the same time it is believed that the fat tax has, to a lesser extent, contributed to Danes travelling across the border to make purchases,” it added.

Danes run for the border as the Food Police are a step behind.