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Finally… NFL Draft On Thursday Eye View Discloses Sleeper Pick #4 Nigel “The Leg” Gruff

May 5, 2014

Finally! We’re now just days until the 2014 NFL Draft, and while we have a better feel for how the first round will play out, there is still plenty of unknown entering draft week. My draft board isn’t a mock draft or a list prospects based on how I think they will come off the board beginning Thursday. Eye View discloses unknown fourth sleeper pick Nigel “the Leg” Gruff Kicker Washington Sentinels..



Ask The Eye Time For A Replacement

July 2, 2013

Dear Eye View

My girl friend and I have kids that are around the same age, and we both always buy birthday gifts for the other’s children. Recently, I gave my girlfriend’s daughter a gift for her birthday. The gift came from a store that only has a website—there is no brick and mortar store to return a gift to. About a week later, she contacted me to tell me that her daughter didn’t like the gift, so she sent it back, and she was upset that the company that I bought it from wouldn’t pay for the return postage. She told me that the next time she sees me, I can give her a check for the return postage, and also mentioned that, since her child is extremely hard to buy for, she doesn’t know what else I can give her. Is it my responsibility to pay for the return postage and also do I need to replace this gift for her child? If not, what can I say to her?


Dear F

I understand your concern. Not only should you not replace the gift you should replace the girlfriend. Keep it simple. Hope this helps.