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Ask The Eye That Science Stuff Comes From Jesus

September 20, 2013

Dear Eye View

As a first-grader I was given an IQ test, scored more than 160 and was declared a “genius.” This led to years of heightened expectations, profound failures, disappointed teachers and family, and ostracism (I was skipped two grades and did not fit in socially.) I eventually dropped out of high school during my freshman year. I later managed to successfully continue my education and got a graduate degree. I’m basically happy, but not a highly successful person. My family was abusive, and I have a weird personality, but the “genius” treatment didn’t help. I’m now married and have a 4-year old son. Because he  was somewhat shy and anti-social, we were advised to have him evaluated for autism spectrum disorder. They said he doesn’t have that, but he was given an IQ test. The psychologist literally came out to the waiting area shouting that he was “a genius!” I had a PTSD reaction to this, bundled him up and fled. I have not mentioned any of this to my husband. He was also labeled a genius at a young age, failed miserably in school, and has had a largely unsuccessful career. But he’s proud of his genius label and does not see it as part of his later problems. I fear that he would be boastful to his large and very competitive family and impose some of the heightened expectations on him that we both suffered from. Next year my son will begin kindergarten and I just learned that our district has a nearby magnet for students with exceptionally high IQs. My instinct is to keep my son far away from the school psychologist and the tiger mommies and daddies around that pressure cooker. I am not in the habit of keeping secrets from my husband or denying my child opportunities, so I’m feeling guilty. I also feel that once the cat is out of the bag, there’s little hope of normalcy for my son’s childhood. He’s a happy little kid right now. Advice?

—Just Wanting the Best

Dear WTB

It would be best for your son if the adults in his life were able to not project their fears and fantasies on his little shoulders and just allow him to explore the wonders of being young. You raise a wise and absolutely legitimate point about your own early labeling and its destructive powers. In Mindset, Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck explores the damage done by imposing on people a fixed mindset rather than a growth mindset. She writes that people who believe intelligence or talent are given and immutable end up expecting these qualities alone to lead to success (you’ve seen they don’t), and can spend more time documenting their gifts than developing them (as may have been the case with your husband). That being said have him tested to make sure your son is not crazy. Look on the bright side  if you have other children they will probably be  dumb as soup.

Hope this helps.


The Force Is With Chewbacca Prevents Howard From Getting His Big Stick

June 9, 2013

The actor who played Chewbacca in the “Star Wars” movies said he was detained by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at the Denver Airport over his cane, which looks like a lightsaber, it was reported. Peter Mayhew, who is 7-foot-2, tweeted out a photo of TSA officials holding the cane, according to Yahoo News. Mayhew, 69, said that officials would not let him through security. According to NBC News, Mayhew was returning to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport from the Denver Comic Con earlier this week The station reported that he sat in a wheelchair, pleading with TSA agents, explaining he needed the cane to walk. He sent out a bunch of tweets about the ordeal and says that only after he started getting the public’s attention did TSA decide that he was safe to fly — cane and all.

The Twitter Force is with Peter Mayhew, helping to avoid embarrassing outcome with possible scummy  TSA confinscation and Ebay Classic Star Wars collection auction.. The Force is with Chewbaca stops Howard from getting a big stick..



Ask The Eye, True Millennials Keeping The Home Fires Burning While Having A Play Day

April 5, 2013

Dear Eye View

My boyfriend of one year and I are both recently graduated twentysomethings living at home like true millennials. While this has caused a few bumps in our love life, his mother is very open, liberal and allows me to spend the night at their house with him. Usually his mother gives us plenty of space, except for insisting on making us coffee and breakfast some mornings. The other day as we were being intimate, his mother called him on his cellphone. She often calls even when she knows we’re in the house so as not to barge in. This time, he answered the phone and continued to have sex with me as he talked to her. I was livid and disturbed, not to mention feeling cheap in a very Oedipal way. We talked it over at length and he recognized that it was inappropriate and immature, and he apologized. But I can’t help feeling that this should send a self-respecting young woman packing and running. Am I overreacting? Angry

Dear A

I understand your concern. Todays true millennials are great at multi- tasking while staying close to the parents. Don’t overreact I would think you could take it in stride. Have you considered skyping to increase the experience ? Hope this helps.



Results From Dating Site Badoo.Com Poll Indicates That More Men Prefer Humor In Selecting Best Pick- Up Line

March 5, 2013

And the Oscar for best pickup line in a movie goes to – Audrey Hepburn in the romantic thriller, “Charade.” That’s according to the results from women polled by the U.K.-based dating site and released on Wednesday before the Academy Awards on Sunday.

“I don’t bite you know … unless it’s called for,” Hepburn told Cary Grant in the 1963 release, and, 50 years later, women still chose it first.

Men, however, had different ideas. They favored this Bette Davis line from the 1932 movie, “The Cabin in the Cotton,” – “I’d love to kiss you, but I just washed my hair.”

Men preferred humor to suggestiveness, according to Badoo, but in some extreme outlier cases both.