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Univ of Tenn Pulls Funding For Sex Week, Search For Golden Condom Goes Flat, With No Bow Chicka Bow Woah

March 22, 2013

Organizers of the University of Tennessee’s first-ever “Sex Week” will have to find a new source of funding after embattled university officials reversed course and announced they will not fund the controversial program with state tax dollars. We support the process and the students involved, but we should not use state funds in this manner,” Chancellor Jimmy Cheek said in a statement. Sex Week  is scheduled for April 7-12 and includes 30 events including “Getting Laid,” “Sex Positivity; Queer as a Verb,” “Bow Chicka Bow Woah,” “How to talk to Your Parents About Sex,” “Loud and Queer,” and “How Many Licks Does it Take…” – a workshop about oral sex.“ The university had allocated nearly $20,000 to fund the week-long salute to sex that also included a poetry-reading lesbian bondage expert and a campus-wide scavenger hunt for a golden condom. Senator Campfield of Tennessee unknowingly busts a rhyme saying “They say it’s all about diversity “Well, perversity does not make diversity just because it’s at the university.” Bondage takes a backseat at UT..