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San Fran Provides Public Shower On A Bus For The Homeless What Could Go Wrong?

June 30, 2014

In May, San Francisco introduced the “Hook-up Truck,” providing intimate space for couples on the go. Now, the city is welcoming the “Lava Mae,” a public shower on a bus, aimed at the city’s large homeless population. San Francisco has been fighting a losing battle with homelessness for decades. City officials concede that they have made little progress over the years despite massive spending, amounting to $34 per homeless person per day. The founders of Lava Mae, which launched late last week, aim to provide direct relief–and dignity–to the homeless, providing showers installed inside converted municipal buses that will travel around the city.

Lava Mae making little progress with massive spending while  adding more drama to public transportation.




Obama Speeding Throught The Midwest Looking For Jobs Keeping It Over 50 And Avoiding States Where He Hasn’t Filed Lawsuits

August 16, 2011

President Obama and his aides say this week’s bus tour is a chance for him to hear real stories from real Americans about the impact of a struggling economy.Republicans say it’s also part of the president’s 2012 re-election campaign.

Bus tours are a staple of presidential campaigns, and it’s hard to get away from the political aspects of this presidential trip — not least because Obama is traveling through Iowa, where Republican presidential candidates are stumping for next year’s caucuses.

Obama starts the tour in Minnesota, a potential swing state in next year’s election.

The Republican National Committee is sponsoring radio and Web ads denouncing “Obama’s Debt-End Tour.”

“Amid 9.1% unemployment and the fallout of the nation’s first credit downgrade, a taxpayer-funded PR junket is the last thing Americans need out of this president,” said Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus.

Obama speeding through the midwest looking for jobs and keeping it over 50 mph and avoiding states where he hasn’t filed lawsuits.