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Ask The Eye, Good Grief, Keep The Blanket

December 9, 2011

Dear Eye View, I am 27 years old and I live with my great boyfriend. The only odd thing in our household is that I still have a baby security blanket from when I was born. It is grey and tattered and is more of a knotted-up rag than anything else. I have always found comfort in rubbing the silk edges between my fingers when I am relaxing or going to bed. At first my blankey habit was a joke, but I think it is starting to skeeve my boyfriend out. I vowed to put it away for good, and hid it for six months, but have since unearthed it. I work from home and sometimes I hold it while I’m working. My boyfriend groans when he comes home and sees me pretending I wasn’t just sitting with it, or when it finds it under our pillows. Part of me wonders why I can’t break the habit. Another part thinks it just a piece of cloth and no big deal. Am I nuts?

—Too Old To Be Linus


I understand your concern. Part of being in a great relationship is accepting each other’s harmless quirks and eccentricities. You can tell him that you’ve thought a lot about blankey, and that after discussing it with blankey, you and blankey both agree that blankey is staying with you. Hope this helps.