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Iraqi Reality TV Show “Put Them In Bucca” Is A Blast

September 6, 2010

BAGHDAD — An Iraqi reality television program broadcast during Ramadan has been planting fake bombs in celebrities’ cars, having an Iraqi army checkpoint find them and terrifying the celebrities into thinking that they are headed for maximum security prison.

The show “Put Him in [Camp] Bucca” has drawn numerous protests but has stayed on air throughout the fasting month, broadcasting its “stings” on well-known Iraqi personalities.

All of them were ensnared by being invited to the headquarters of the private television station Al Baghdadia to be interviewed, but en route to the station a fake bomb would be planted in their car while they were being searched by Iraqi soldiers, who were in on the deception.

The unwitting celebrities are then secretly filmed, Candid-Camera-style, as they reacted with shock, disbelief and anger as fake checkpoint guards shout abuse at them: “Why do you want to blow us up?” “You are a terrorist.” “How much did they pay you to do it? You will be executed.”

The celebrities protest that they know nothing about the supposed bomb, that they are innocent and honorable Iraqi citizens, only to be told, “We have caught you red-handed, with the bomb in your car.”

This has been noticed by US television reality show producers, who after the Paris Hilton arrest and “Put Them In Bucca” are  looking into a possible new reality  show “Put The Cocaine in the Purse”.


Snooki Trademark Rejected Due To Cat Fight..Snooky The Cat Loves His Kitty Litterature..

August 15, 2010

Government officials have rejected “Jersey Shore” cast member Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s application to trademark her nickname so she can slap it on books.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) records show that registration of a “Snooki” mark for “printed matter, namely books” was recently refused because of a “likelihood of confusion” with a previously issued trademark. That 2004 mark was, amusingly, for “Adventures of Snooky,” a children’s book featuring a cat who gets knocked overboard while on a family fishing trip.

Here’s how the publisher describes Snooky’s underwater escapades: “Join Snooky as he makes many new friends searching for his family under the sea. Find out what happens when Snooky’s new friends run into danger. Can he help save them? Will Snooky ever find his lost family?”

Though stymied by a fictional cat, Polizzi “may respond to the refusal by submitting evidence and arguments in support of registration,” according to USPTO flings. On a positive note for Polizzi, her application to trademark “Snooki” for use in “Entertainment in the nature of personal appearances by a television personality” appears on track.

Snooki big on personality, short on literary recognition…Snooky the Cat loves his kitty litter  ature…

Obama Makes Phone Call, Gives Snooki Presidential Body Shot

July 31, 2010

Snooki was arrested for disorderly conduct in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, and taken into custody on Friday, TMZ has confirmed.

The details of her behavior are unclear, but she was seen drinking Coke out of a beer bong and taking body shots at a bar earlier in the day.

Just one hour before her arrest, Snooki was tweeting at President Obama, who claimed Thursday on ‘The View’ not to know who she is”@whitehouse President Obama…love to tan in the rose garden 🙂 …I’ll teach you how to fist pump!” she wrote.

Obama makes call, Snooki takes a real body shot and  goes to jail. O does Country a favor…

Obama Learns Rolling Around In The Dirt With TV Reality Stars, You Are Bound To Get Snookered

July 30, 2010

First, Snooki took on Obama over Twitter. Then, Obama falsely said he didn’t even know who she was. And on Thursday night’s second season premiere of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” Snooki took the ball back, and went after Obama again.

 In one scene, Snooki — with her impressively orange tan — broke the shocking news that she’s been staying away from her home away from home: Tanning salons.

 “I don’t go tanning anymore because Obama put a 10% tax on tanning. McCain would never put a 10% tax on tanning. Because he’s pale and would probably want to be tan,” she said.

 Snooki was referring to a provision in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act that mandates tanning salons impose a 10 percent tax on UV-ray sessions.

 Clearly, Obama can’t relate to Snooki’s problems, she added, commenting on Obama’s skin color.

 “Obama doesn’t have that problem. Obviously,” she said.

Obama goes on View, now sets the bar even lower by creating increased Snooki publicity. When you roll around in the dirt with reality stars you are bound to look dirty…


Obama Lies About Snooki, The View Exposes Snookigate

July 30, 2010
President Obama went on ‘The View’ yesterday  and was asked some very difficult questions. For example, Joy Behar asked “Should Snooki run as mayor of Wasilla?” His response to the question, aimed to take a jab at Sarah Palin, was to say he did not know who Snooki was. Unfortunately the President was not totally truthful.At the White House Correspondents Association Roast dinner on May 1, Obama joked about Snooki and her MTV reality show ‘Jersey Shore’ in his health-care bill: Obama joked that, Tonight, in the interest of transparency, I would like to share a couple. Let’s see. This provision is called the Bay State of Denial. It reads, this bill shall cover short-term memory loss relating to the passage of Massachusetts’ health care reform. Good news. Your condition is covered.

Also in discussing the new 10% tax on tanning salons he joked that   this provision is called the Jersey Shore-up. It reads, the following individuals shall be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill. Snooki, JWoww, The Situation, and…House Minority Leader John Boehner.

Obama takes jab at Palin,trips over feet..