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Ask The Eye. Distraction Can Be The Best Cure

March 4, 2013

Dear Eye View

My boyfriend and I have been a couple for a year, and we recently moved in together. He is a very intelligent, mature, caring, and funny man, and I feel our relationship has a great chance at “going the distance.” Since we began cohabitating I found out he has a strange habit: He keeps a remnant of his baby blanket inside his pillow case and, after he thinks I am asleep, he pulls it out and sucks on it. I discovered this while changing the sheets one morning and noticed a wet spot on his pillowcase. I tried to talk about this with him, but he became embarrassed and refuses any attempt to discuss it. The habit itself is not a deal-breaker. What is a deal-breaker is the wet blanket, which has a smell. I want to hand wash it, but I don’t want to do this without his permission. I understand the blanket might help him relieve some anxiety; it’s the hygiene issue that bothers me. I can’t wrap my head around kissing him in the morning knowing that he’s been sucking on the blanket at night. How do I raise the issue of washing the blanket? And is this a “normal” thing, or does it suggest deeper issues?

—Wet Blanket

Dear WB

I understand your concern. On the one hand, he is not downing sleeping meds, on the other hand  he is freaking you out sucking on a rotten bacteria filled  blanket. Have you considered distracting him by  convincing him he snores and fitting him with a nice sleep apnea facemask. This should be a nice distraction from his blanket sucking and make for a nice relaxing sleep. Hope this helps.