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Congress To Focus On Illegal Aliens Using New Global Census Tracking Strategy

July 7, 2010

A GROUP OF REPUBLICANS has introduced legislation designed to “send a loud and clear message” to an increasing number of “sanctuary cities” across the nation that provide safe harbor to illegal aliens, including violent criminals.

At present, most illegal aliens, if apprehended at all, are released on never-kept promises to appear at deportation hearings, or, at the most, simply shipped home where they re-cross the border at their leisure.

By defining illegal entry as a felony, lawmen can deal firmly with illegal aliens, estimated to number between 14 million and 20 million.

 In San Diego County alone, he said, taxpayers are footing a $101 million a year bill for the health care and public safety costs of illegal immigration.

Based on our scientfic sports  research we have decided to focus our efforts on three cities in particular San Diego, Los Angeles and Miami. We like to call it our World Cup Viewership Census method..