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Colorado Health Care Ad Salute Ryan Gosling In Remember The Trojans

November 13, 2013

A new round of advertisements unveiled by supporters of Colorado’s health  insurance exchange has ignited controversy that rippled through  social media  Tuesday and launched debate  over their portrayal of women. While the groups say the aim is to encourage  young people to enroll in the  state’s new health insurance exchange — a pillar  to President  Barack Obama’s  Affordable Care Act — some have said it belittles women. It  also adds to the  partisan back-and-forth  over the new health care law.

“I think it’s a strategic mistake,” Gangadharbatla said. “Consumers could see  it as a joke, making it appear not to be a serious issue. And the issue of  health care is clearly a serious issue in the United States. Gangadharbatla said the ads could also be viewed as stereotypical of  millennials.

Colorado health care ad salute Ryan Gosling in Rember The Trojans.