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Ask The Eye, Face It….. Redefine Your Immortality

April 11, 2012

Dear Eye View

About six months ago my doctor gave me two more years to live. I started using that time to make peace with my family, especially my wife, as we’ve had a turbulent marriage. Things have been going well so far and our marriage is probably the best it’s ever been. What I am wondering now is if I should tell my wife that I’ve had an affair for eight years with another woman. It ended a couple of years ago and we’re not even in contact anymore. But there is always a chance that my wife will find out. I don’t want her besieged with unanswered questions or anger she can’t express after I’m gone. I am also worried that if she were to discover the affair after my demise, she will feel as though the last good years of our marriage were a sham. But on the other hand, I don’t want to spend the last year or two we have together dealing with this revelation. What is your take on all this? And yes, I know I’m a total jerk, among other things you can’t publish publicly. Please spare me the judgment and give me some advice here.


Dear A

I understand your concern. I would suggest breaking the news to your wife like everyone else. Post it on Facebook ¬†and redefine your immortality . In terms of your immorality.. You’re on your own..Hope this helps.