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NBC Slammed For Tape Delay.. Weak On Spoiler Alert Strong on Beef

July 29, 2012

NBC’s live vs. tape Olympic Games debate already has its Exhibit A.

Viewers slammed the broadcaster for choosing to delay the telecast of Michael Phelps’ dramatic men’s 400-meter individual medley race until primetime.

The Saturday midmorning race concluded with Ryan Lochte winning the gold medal and Phelps shockingly finishing fourth. The network instead chose to air a taped interview.

Fans took to social media to express their outrage with the decision.

“I can’t believe NBC isn’t putting Phelps first medal attempt live,” wrote University of Texas journalism professor Robert J. Quigley on Twitter. “Is a monkey running that network?”

“The world has changed,” one sports fan wrote on Twitter. “This tape delay thing doesn’t work anymore.”

NBC promotes real time reporting while selling tape delayed programing.. Weak on Spoiler Alert creates lots of beef..