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Bill Proposed to Allow Facebook Page Custody Divorce Attorneys on Stand-By

February 5, 2013

Most people can’t live without Facebook — but what happens to your Facebook page when you are no longer living? New Hampshire and other states are trying to figure that out. State Rep. Peter Sullivan has introduced legislation to allow the executor of an estate control over the social networking pages of the dead. The bill proposed by Sullivan, a Democrat from Manchester, would allow control of someone’s Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts such as Gmail to be passed to the executor of their estate after death.
Divorce attorneys on stand-by to determine who gets Facebook friends following divorce.


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Kelsey Grammer’s Ex-Wife Opens Up, Jet Blue On Standby

December 24, 2010

Several weeks after Kelsey Grammer announced his engagement to flight attendant Kayte Walsh, his ex Camille opened up to Extra about their impending divorce, which is not yet finalized. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star dished on the demise of her marriage, Kelsey’s upcoming nuptials, and spending the holidays alone.

On why the marriage failed:
We’ve been together for 14 years, I thought we had a really good run of it. I still love my husband, my soon to be ex husband. I respect him as a person, I don’t respect how he handled the affair and the divorce and how things went down.

On reconciling:
He’s in love, he’s getting married, so I don’t think there’s any reconciliation. Someone gets engaged and tells you he’s going to get married in January and we’re still legally married. We’re separated, we’re not divorced yet. Our divorce is not finalized, and I got word that he’s getting married in January.

Kelsey making weddng arrangements for future flight attendent wife #4.

Jet Blue on standby.


Rachael Ray Interviews Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Creates Baking Soda Recipe For Gag Reflex

December 24, 2010

They live enchanted lives in their Beverly Hills mansions, so it was no real surprise when the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills revealed how they spend their Christmas holiday.

The ladies from zip code 90210 were on the Rachael Ray show this morning discussing all things festive.

Dressed to the nines in their festive holiday attire, the women all sat together and exchanged ritzy holiday rituals. 

Swathed in designer dresses as they perched on Rachael’s couch, the women were quick to point out that they aren’t always glamourous.

‘While taking my kids to school, I do not look like this,’ said Kyle Richards. ‘Sometimes I’m in my pajamas!’

And fellow housewife, Taylor says despite what people think, they live pretty normal lives. ‘We still go to PTA meetings!’ she says.

‘It’s not all glamour in Beverly Hills.’

Following the interview with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Rachael immediately cuts to Rachaels Tips, in how to use baking soda in stopping gag reflex.