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Osama bin Laden Killed, There Is An App For That

May 2, 2011

Last Wednesday, two data scientists reported on a finding that devices running iOS 4 or later contained a hidden file that contains location data going back to nearly a year in some cases. This data on the file consolidated.db includes longitude and latitude coordinates along with timestamps.

This find naturally started a wave of outrage and concern among individuals worried about privacy. People are scared that information like this could easily fall into the wrong hands and the implications of being able to easily graph one’s every move are indeed sinister.

In another act of the drama, today the Wall Street Journal is reporting that turning off location services in your settings doesn’t stop the logging of data. They conducted their own test and found that disabling the location services setting does not prevent the collection of data about your whereabouts even though many suggested this action last week to folks concerned about their privacy.

Bin Laden killed using his Iphone. There is an app for that..