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Ask The Eye Parenthood Pack It Play It Or Toss It

August 25, 2013

Dear Eye View,
My elderly parents have moved down south, my father is in declining health, and I offered to help get their house in New England ready to sell. My mom is a bit of a pack rat, so I wasn’t surprised to find valuable items like wedding photos mixed in with junk. What I wasn’t prepared for was stumbling across, hidden in a drawer in her office, her personal sex toy. If I pack up this particular drawer full of stuff, my mother will know I found it. If I don’t pack it, maybe she’ll forget about it or think that it got thrown away with the other junk. So what should I do? Pack it up and play dumb, or toss it?


Dear Confused

I understand your concern. Pack it up, if a question comes up, tell her you packed her electrical ear cleaner. Hope this helps.