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Oscar Vote Experiences Problems With E-Voting Veers Into An Inconvenient Truth

December 28, 2012

It looks like online Oscar voting is hitting a few snags, which some Academy members worry might depress voting participation to its lowest level in years.Voting to determine the next set of Oscar nominees began Dec. 17 and will extend through Jan. 3. On Dec. 26, I reached out to a wide cross-section of the Academy to see if they tried to vote online (an Academy spokesperson tells me that “a great majority” of members have registered to do so) and, if so, to characterize their experience. Roughly half of the members reached said they experienced problems navigating the site; more than one described it as a “disaster.” They also worried that hackers could compromise the Oscar vote.

Celebrities veer into the inconvenient  truth regarding e-voting.


Black And White Thanksgiving Come To LaLaLand

February 19, 2011

CNN is stirring controversy with an article that calls the upcoming NBA All-Star Game “Black Thanksgiving.”

The article, by longtime NBA analyst David Aldridge, calls All Star Weekend a “national holiday” for African Americans, and quotes USC professor Todd Boyd as saying that “the NBA All-Star weekend has turned into a celebration of African American culture by extension.”

The article also ran in the middle of the front page of CNN’s home page.

 But some of the hundreds of commenters who flooded the story were not happy. “Shame on you CNN for perpetuating the racism in America…and for what, to get readers? Are you that desperate?” commenter yippidy wrote.

“You managed to include every Black stereotype known to the Western world in this article,” rockhanna said.

In reponse Hollywood decided to have their own White Thanksgiving.