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Eye View Olympics, Women Play Very Very Bad Badminton

August 1, 2012

A disciplinary hearing began Wednesday for eight female badminton players, including the world champions from China, after they were accused of trying to throw matches at the Olympics a day earlier to secure a favorable draw.

Teams blamed the introduction of a round-robin stage rather than a straight knockout tournament as the main cause of the problem. In the round-robin format, losing one game can lead to an easier matchup in the next round.

Beijing badminton silver medalist Gail Emms said the matches were embarrassing to watch, and the players could be thrown out of the tournament.”It was absolutely shocking,” she said. “The crowds were booing and chanting ‘Off, off, off.'”She said the players in question were deliberately hitting serves into the net, serving them out, or serving faults.

Olympic women playing some very very badminton.