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Single Women Replace Working Class White Men In Election Cycle, Who’s Your Daddy?

November 7, 2012

Sometime over the last 30 years, working-class white men deserted the Democratic Party. For a long time we puzzled over this mass exodus.

This election cycle we finally have a decent replacement for the working-class white man. The single woman voter—especially the one up for grabs, who is more likely to have children—is basically at exactly the economic and psychological place the married, white, working-class man was in the ’70s. She tends to be working-class, the main provider for her family, and not all that hostile to the idea of government help.

Single women replace working class men in election cycle.. Who’s your daddy?


March 25, 2010

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, proposed to put an animal rights sign on Nadya Suleman’s lawn after hearing that her home  was being foreclosed due to non-payment.

According to Pasadena Star News:

“The sign would read: ‘Don’t Let Your Dog or Cat Become an ‘Octomom.’ Always Spay or Neuter.'”

According to Suleman’s attorney, Jeff Czech, Suleman thinks the sign is cute and she is able to laugh at herself. Additionally, PETA will pay the Octomom $5,000 to place the sign on her lawn, and will give her free veggie dogs. Hopefully she can use the money to buy a clue..