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Annual Bubble Wrap Day The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

January 31, 2011

Pop. Pop. Pop. It’s that distinct, crisp and familiar noise that catches everyone’s attention as soon as they hear it. Bubble Wrap is loved by all, and today — the 11th annual Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day — is the day to show it.

“We get excited every year for the day,” said Ken Aurichio, director of corporate communications for Sealed Air of Elmwood Park, which owns the trademark on the bubble-covered cushioning. “It’s the best day of the year!”

Bubble Wrap — now marking its 51st year — was originally intended to be used as textured wallpaper, but that didn’t go over so well. Inventor Marc Chavannes had his “eureka” moment while he was on an airplane over Newark Airport and he noticed how the billowy clouds appeared to be cushioning the plane. He realized his invention would be better than paper and old newspapers for protecting fragile items.

Now, Sealed Air says it produces enough Bubble Wrap each year to stretch from the Earth to the Moon and back.

National Bubble Wrap Day…. the most wonderful time of the year..