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EyeView Sports Announces Recommendation For BSC College Football Selection Committee

October 9, 2013

EyeView Sports has released its recommnendations for the new BSC Championship Series Selection Committee members. The selection committee should be made up of two members.
Committee members should include Nate Silver, expert on sports sabermetrics of Moneyball fame. Silver is an American statistician and writer who analyzes in-game baseball activity (see Sabermetrics) and elections.
Andrew Garrood has worked for the Cantor Fitzgerald group of companies since 2000, and has been Executive Director of Las Vegas Sports Consultants, part of Cantor Gaming, for the past two years. Silver and Garrood should make college football team selections and remaining committee members should be chosen on an as needed basis for interviews and basic arm waving..



Money Ball Statistician Nate Silver Gives Pundit Chris Mathews A Tinkle Down His Leg

November 11, 2012

With President Obama’s re-election, New York Times blogger Nate Silver has reason to smile.Silver became a near-god for nervous Democrats, and, as the campaign entered its final stretch, a sudden subject of scorn and derision for some pundits who doubted his polling forecasts, which consistently showed Obama in the lead. His bet with Joe Scarborough (who had dubbed him a “joke”) only stoked the controversy further. As it turned out, Silver came through with flying colors, as Obama performed nearly exactly the way he said he would. The public recognition was immediate.Others said that the results could force a bit of a sea change in political journalism.

“What does this victory mean?” Mashable’s Chris Taylor wrote. “That mathematical models can no longer be derided by “gut-feeling” pundits. That Silver’s contention — TV pundits are generally no more accurate than a coin toss — must now be given wider credence.”

Statistician Nate Silver makes MSNBC pundit Chris Mathews  send a tinkle down his leg..

Baseball Statistican Nate Silver Creates Gold In Political Predictions, The Moneyball Revolution

November 9, 2012

President Obama was obviously the biggest winner, but not far behind him was New York Times statistical guru Nate Silver.  For much of the past year, Silver has been lambasted by conservative critics who argued his Electoral College projection model, which consistently favored Obama, must be wrong.  Time and time again Silver tried to explain the relatively simple math behind his numbers, but the doubters remained.  When the results came in last night, Silver’s analysis proved correct.  Silver correctly predicted the result in all 50 states, and was also very close in his popular vote projection.  Now, the world of politics may experience a “Moneyball” revolution based on Silver’s statistics, similar to what was seen in baseball.

Though Silver shied away from individual performance analysis..