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Adult Illegal Immigrants Posing As Unaccompanied Children Attempting High School Enrollment Going Old School

July 12, 2014

Adult illegal immigrants posing as unaccompanied alien children appear to be attempting to enroll at public high schools, city officials in Lynn, Mass., tell National Review Online.“Some of them have had gray hair and they’re telling you that they’re 17 years old and they have no documentation,” Jamie Cerulli, the Lynn mayor’s chief of staff, tells NRO. “If my children went to the public schools, I’d be very uncomfortable with all of these unaccompanied minors [that] are placed in the ninth grade.”The school system has turned away a handful of people who appeared too old, Latham says, but she’s suspicious of a quite a few other cases. Adult illegal immigrants going old school. Obama finanical support of unaccompanied children going old school..