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Ask The Eye..Microwave Time Machine

June 6, 2010

Dear Eye View:
I work for a very large company, and on our floor, we all share a refrigerator in the kitchen. Over the course of several months now, many of us have had food taken, sometimes directly from our lunchboxes. It’s usually stuff like a sandwich, yogurt, chips, or cookies, but I’ve had my entire lunch stolen. Numerous e-mails have been sent and signs posted on the fridge, all to no avail. Then one of my co-workers caught the bandit in the act while the bandit had no idea she was being seen. The thief happens to be not only a co-worker but a very good friend whom I spend a lot of time with away from work. She is a high-level financial executive and makes an excellent salary, so it’s not like she is starving. We are all stunned, and I don’t know how to handle this.


Dear Befuddled

Office politics can be tricky when you discover a food bandit in your midst.. My best advise is go passive agreesive and go  from leaving notes on the frid to notes on the microwave.. Its the passive agressive way to go. You may have bigger problems in the office than food bandits.. Also for God sakes clear those microwave unused minutes.. Hope this helps..