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Mayim Bialik Supports Attachment Single Parenting

April 27, 2014

Mayim Bialik is again speaking out in defense of her “attachment parenting” style. “People laughed and sneered but it wasn’t wrong,” Bialik told InTouch of the critiques she received regarding her decision to breastfeed her son, Fred, until he was 4 years old and self-weaned. “Just because you do something your way doesn’t mean you can judge people who don’t. … I don’t think I’m a better mom and my kids aren’t necessarily better off than yours.” She told InTouch the criticism “made her cry.”“The way that I parent is the way thousands of women parent all over the world, but I get flak for it,” she said. “People say really mean things!” The “Big Bang Theory” star has long been a vocal proponent of attachment parenting, a phrase coined by Dr. William Sears, denoting a style of child-rearing that includes breastfeeding and co-sleeping. Bialik breastfed her two sons, Miles, 8, and Fred, now 5, until they were toddlers. Last February, she blogged about Fred self-weaning and called out those who doubted her choice to adopt extended breastfeeding.

Bialik blog reports “Well, nay-sayers, prepare to be proven wrong. All of you snarky mamas who glared at me nursing my 3 1/2-year-old on the NYC subway, prepare to be amazed. And to all of my family and friends who wanted to chastise me about nursing a walking, talking, thinking, laughing little man named Fred, thanks for holding your tongues. Because we did it. Fred isn’t going to nurse on his way down the wedding aisle or at his high school graduation. I didn’t need to break him of a “habit” and teach him “who’s in charge.” I didn’t need to set boundaries you thought I should have set when I didn’t want to set them”.

Mayim Bialik supports attachment single parenting.




Eye View Hollywood BBT Star Mayim Bialik Divorces After 9 Years Beyond the Sling

November 21, 2012

The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik just announced that she’s divorcing Michael Stone, her husband of nine years.

“After much consideration and soul-searching, Michael and I have arrived at the decision to divorce due to ‘Irreconcilable Differences,'” she just posted on her Jewish parenting blog on “Divorce is terribly sad, painful and incomprehensible for children. It is not something we have decided lightly.”

She made it clear that their alternative style of parenting called “attachment parenting,” which she wrote about in her book Beyond the Sling, in which she revealed that she still breastfeeds Fred, who is nearly 4, and said she and her husband sleep on the floor in a family bed with the two boys. did not cause the split.

Bialik did not mention  the 10- year marriage California divorce laws.. Which creates a much bigger divorce bang.  Beyond the sling.