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UK Study Shows People Names David And Susan Most Likely To Divorce, Match.Com Goes In For The Kill

December 7, 2010

A study of data from thousands of recently filed divorces in the UK found these monikers appeared more often than any others.

David, Michael, Caroline and Nicola were also discovered to appear as divorce clients more often than those with other names.

However, men called Theo, Roy and Liam are the least likely to get divorced as are women called Penelope, Shannon and Sofia.

Are you a Mark in a relationship with a Susan?

Mark Keenan a spokesperson for, which commissioned the research said: “I was a little horrified to see that my first name was top of the most common names in our client list.

“I will definitely be keeping this information from my wife.” working overtime to hook up Theos, Roys, and Liams. Going in for the kill..