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Anonymous Hackers May Be Targeting Mars Rover.. Bazinga!!!

August 14, 2012

Could this be the cyberworld’s equivalent of one small step for a hacker, one giant leap for hackerkind? A cybersecurity firm claims to have spotted an Internet Relay Chat  (IRC) message seeking help to hack into the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Mars Science Laboratory Mission, reported.

“(A)ssuming that this is in fact an Anonymous member, and not a law enforcement spoof, the very fact that they are even thinking of this sort of hack is somewhat frightening,” it said. quoted New York-based Flashpoint Partners as saying it spotted the message by user “MarsCuriosity” on the AnonOps IRC channel on Thursday.
Anonymous hackers may be targeting Mars rover. Authorities have a suspect in mind..

Mars Rover Lands Safely, Cal Tech Celebrates

August 6, 2012

PASADENA, California (Reuters) – NASA’s Mars science rover Curiosity landed safely late on Sunday after hurtling through the pink Martian skies at the start of a two-year quest for signs the Red Planet once hosted key ingredients for life. Mission controllers burst into applause and cheered in relief as they received signals confirming that the rover had survived its perilous descent and arrived within its target zone at the bottom of a vast, ancient crater.

The robotic lab sailed through space for more than eight months, covering 352 million miles (566 million km), before piercing Mars’ atmosphere at 13,000 miles per hour — 17 times the speed of sound — before starting its descent.

 Moments after landing, Curiosity beamed back its first three images from the Martian surface, one of them showing a wheel of the vehicle and the rover’s shadow cast on the rocky terrain.

 “I can’t believe this. This is unbelievable,” enthused Allen Chen, the deputy lead of the rover’s entry, descent and landing team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory managed by Cal Tech University  near Los Angeles.

Cal Tech students and researchers celebrate..