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Obama Goes Full Diva, Calls Debt Crisis “No Big Deal”..

March 13, 2013

There has been no shortage of dire warnings about the mounting US national debt, but President Obama is now offering a different assessment: no big deal.

Allan Simpson went further, calling the failure to control entitlement spending “madness.” “Ten thousand [Americans] a day are turning 65,” Simpson told me. “This is madness. And life expectancy is 78.1, and in five years will be 80. Who is kidding who? This will eat a hole through America.”

Obama goes full diva calls debt crisis no big deal..


no big deal

Madonna Selling Her $23.5M Duplex For Some Assisted Living

November 21, 2012

Superstar Madonna may be on a world tour, but that doesn’t mean she can’t conduct a little business on the side.

She’s just listed her Central Park West duplex for $23.5 million, our friends at Curbed report. Maybe the paperwork delayed her concert Monday night in Miami? Fans certainly weren’t happy that Madonna was hours late, but your faithful Yahoo! Homes correspondent can attest to how long it can take to sign aaaaaaall. Of. Those. Papersssszzzzz. Uh? Oh, sorry, fell into a bored snooze for a second. Anyway, we’re inclined to cut her some slack (even if superstars don’t really sign their own papers).

Madonna selling her condo for some assisted living.

Idiot Madonna Pretends To Shoot Denver Audience, Touched For The 13B Time

October 20, 2012

Madonna started her show Thursday night at the Pepsi Center in Denver with a gun scene, which she has used in previous performances. She was also accused of being more than three hours late to the show.

People took to social media to complain about how they were offended she used guns and violence as part of her show in light of recent events in the state that included a mass shooting at a theater during a Batman movie on July 20 that left 12 people dead.

Madonna like a virgin, touched for the 13,000,000,000 time.

Madonna Cuts Through Kabbalah Mysticism Red Tape Sacks Teachers Desperately Seeking Settlement

March 28, 2011

Eight workers at Madonna’s Malawi charity are suing the pop star for unfair dismissal and non-payment of their benefits, their lawyer said on Sunday.

The board of the charity, Raising Malawi, was sacked after abandoning plans to build a state of the art girls’ school just outside the capital Lilongwe due to mismanagement, the New York Times newspaper reported on Saturday.

Madonna, who has adopted two children from Malawi, lent $11 million to the organization and is now on the board.

“Their employment was terminated by the trustees of Raising Malawi Academy for Girls ostensibly following the change of plan not to build the school as planned,” Chirambo said.

“My clients are also being forced to sign a discriminatory termination agreement before they are paid their benefits.”

Chirambo said one of the workers he represented was the chief executive of the school, some taught Jewish Kabbalah mysticism while the others were connected to the school project.

The papers were filed with the Industrial Court, which handles labor disputes.

Malawi teachers suing Madona and desperately seeking settlement. Madonna tells Jesse Jackson Papa Don’t Preach I’m keeping my money..

Material Girl Madonna’s Raising Malawi Project Sunk By Union Style Education Material Spending

March 25, 2011

 A high-profile charitable foundation set up to build a school for impoverished girls in Malawi, founded by the singer Madonna and fellow devotees of a prominent Jewish mysticism movement, has collapsed after spending $3.8 million on a project that never came to fruition.

The board of directors of the organization, Raising Malawi, has been ousted and replaced by a caretaker board, including Madonna and her manager, officials with the organization said Thursday. Its executive director, who is the boyfriend of Madonna’s former trainer, Tracy Anderson, left in October amid criticism of his management style and cost overruns for the school. These included what auditors described as outlandish expenditures on salaries, cars, office space and a golf course membership, free housing and a car and driver for the school’s director.

Trevor Neilson, a founder of the Global Philanthropy Group, which Madonna recruited last November amid signs of upheaval at her charity, said he told her that building an expensive school in Malawi was an ineffective form of philanthropy, and suggested instead using resources to finance education programs though existing and proven nongovernmental organizations.

Typical over the top union style spending on things seen and not learned sinks Madonna’s school project. Material girl done in by material spending.


Government Of Malawi Outlaws Breaking Wind

January 31, 2011

Breaking wind is set to be made a crime in an African country.

The government of Malawi plan to punish persistent offenders ‘who foul the air’ in a bid to ‘mould responsible and disciplined citizens.’

But locals fear that pinning responsibility on the crime will be difficult – and may lead to miscarriages of justice as ‘criminals’ attempt to blame others for their offence.

One Malawian told the website ‘My goodness. What happens in a public place where a group is gathered. Do they lock up half a minibus?

‘And how about at meetings where it is difficult to pinpoint ‘culprits’?

 ‘Children will openly deny having passed bad air and point at an elder. Culturally, this is very embarrassing,’ she said.



Ask the Eye.Strike The Prose

June 10, 2010

Dear Eye View,
My mother died almost 30 years ago, when I was a teenager. I have put her on a pedestal and tried to live my life making her proud. I tell my kids about the grandmother they never met and even gave my daughter her name. Recently we helped my father move from his house into an apartment. My father sent us home with a truckload of furniture and some personal items that belonged to my mother. While sorting through them, I came across her diary. Yes, I read it. It turns out she was never proud of my accomplishments and always thought I was up to no good. For nearly three decades, I have mourned the loss of my mother and been very sentimental about her. I now have mixed emotions. I hope that she is watching from heaven and is proud of me today. However, I now know she went to her grave thinking I was a disappointment. How do I deal with this? I don’t want to live the rest of my life feeling as I do today.—Crushed

Dear Crushed,

I didn’t know your mother, but maybe she was a good judge of character..Also, maybe the view from Heaven is not that different.. Post the letter on the Internet, send to People Magazine, call Oprah, and get over it. Hope this help..

Eye View

Ask The Eye.Tell Your Mom Not To Preach ‘Cause You’re Not Keeping Her Baby

May 30, 2010

Dear Eye View,
My sister and I are both married with young children. Our mother, who lives near us, is almost 60 and has physical disabilities due to chronic pain. She is also flighty, stubborn, and tends not to make rational decisions. In recent years, she has started  being a foster parent and has become very dedicated, sometimes having four high-needs children at a time. Last year she adopted one of them, “Cindy.” My sister and I were skeptical about this. Also, my mother has an affluent lifestyle. So, soon Mom will leave on a three-week European vacation with her sister. My mom wants me to take Cindy during this time. Cindy has been hospitalized for acute psychiatric care recently, and my mother has had to call the police because of Cindy’s destructive behavior and threats to herself and others. My sister refuses to help my mother, saying that she won’t enable her bad decisions. My husband has also said that he will not agree to allow Cindy to stay with us, although I think I could insist. My mother is getting resentful of my sister and me and says she will try to line up a string of people to keep Cindy for a day or two. My heart breaks for this child who is bearing the brunt of an adult’s bad decision-making, and I am feeling guilty. How I can reconcile my own family’s needs, the needs of my adopted sister, and my relationship with my mother?

—The Good Daughter/Sister/Mother/Wife

Dear GDSMF/Enabler

 How did your 60- year old, severely needy nutjob mother get approved to be the adoptive parent of  Cindy! You’re right, Cindy is the victim—a lifetime victim—in all this, but I understand why your husband does not want this potentially dangerous girl in your home with your own children. Tragically, your mother sounds like exactly what Cindy, and the foster children, don’t need: a do-gooder who ends up doing bad because she’s erratic and incapable. Once the buzz of doing a good thing is gone others are left to clean up the mess. If your mother wants to be paid for her altruistic impulses, it would be better if she worked at some kind of institution for troubled children, where her responsibilities would be limited. Or better check into one. Tell your “material girl” mother you will no longer help her raise her foster kids and if she has a problem tell your dumbass mother not to preach cause you’re not keeping her baby… Hope this helps. You just got an eyeful.

Eye View

We are the World

March 14, 2010

I noticed one of the charities for the MTV Celebrity Haiti fundraiser is the Human Fund.. I am concerned..