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Women Has Somewhat Of A MacGyver Moment

May 20, 2014

The Colorado woman who spent nearly a week alone in her crashed car says it was an “aha moment” and an umbrella that likely saved her life. “It was my little MacGyver moment,” Kristin Hopkins, 44, told ABC News. Hopkins’ car careened off a Colorado highway on April 7 and landed upside down 200 feet away in a thicket of trees. When she came to, Hopkins looked around and found a red and white umbrella she had stored in the car. “I swear that was going to be my saving grace,” Hopkins said. “I found my purse, dug through my purse and found a Sharpie and attempted to write my little messages of ‘Come get me.'”Hopkins was found alive in her Chevrolet Malibu May 4 by a couple, Andy and Hope Lombard, who initially thought they had found a dead body. Rescuers noticed that Hopkins had left notes on an umbrella to try to catch the attention of passing drivers, including “need a doctor,” and, “please help me.” “I found out today that the doctors told my parents I had about eight hours left,” Hopkins said. “They are my angels. They saved me.”