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Episode 7 Adventures in Sunderland, Abby Gets An Agent

July 8, 2010

In Episode 7, Adventures in Sunderland, rescued teen sailor Abby Sunderland, hires a talent agent.

The 16-year-old signed Lyall Mercer, head of an Australian-based public relations and talent management firm, to handle her business affairs, the Los Angeles Times is reporting.

Mercer says Sunderland is “very marketable” and will use her public profile to “inspire others to follow their dreams.”

“She is popular across the world, has followed her dream, overcome challenges and survived. She is an inspiration,” he said in a statement released this week.

It was not immediately known what projects were planned, however, Sunderland has said she would like to write a book about her adventures.

Abby is also looking into starring into an action adventure movie, Abby Get Your Gun….