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Romney Hammered For Concerns Regarding Security, Eye View Finds Largest McDonalds In The World More Disconcerting

July 27, 2012

LONDON—On day three of his overseas tour, Mitt Romney woke up to unfriendly headlines from the British media, who continue to trash him for telling NBC News that he found preparations for the Olympics here “disconcerting.”

“Mitt the Twit,” declared The Sun tabloid, condemning Romney as a “wannabe president.”

The Independent headlined their take on Romney’s trip, “Romneyshambles”—accusing him of not only committing a diplomatic gaffe but later “the cardinal sin of U.S. politics, flip-flopping” on his criticism.

Romney hammered for using word disconcerting and security.  Failed to mention disconcerting and  that the Largest McDonalds in the World.




London Burns While Olympic Athletes Get A Running Start

August 9, 2011

The International Olympic Committee says it is confident that the 2012 London Olympics will be secure despite the  riots that have wreaked havoc in the capital over the past three days.

The IOC is clear, though, that the responsibility lies with the British government, the Metropolitan police and other domestic agencies to ensure that the Games do pass off without any incident.

A statement from the IOC said: “Security at the Olympic Games is a top priority for the IOC. It is, however, directly handled by the local authorities, as they know best what is appropriate and proportionate. We are confident they will do a good job in this domain.”

At the same time we understand the atheletes are taking advantage of all available training opportunities..