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Tiger Woods Suffers “Hotel Injury” Gets A Terrible Case of The Shanks While Refusing To Lay Up With The Big Dog

August 22, 2013

Tiger Woods enters this weekend’s Barclays, the initial event of this year’s FedEx Cup, as the favorite to win the whole deal once again. And, since it’s not a major, he’s probably going to throttle the entire field and walk away with another two-comma check.But it won’t be easy, no. Woods has taken his first lumps this playoff season before swinging a single competitive club. The culprit? A soft hotel bed.Woods skipped drives and approaches on the back nine of a Wednesday pro-am, saying that he’d suffered the injury the night before.

Tiger Woods gets a terrible case of the shanks, while refusing to lay up letting the Big Dog roam, while parring the backside nine. Obviously pronating when he should have been suppinating. Tiger Woods goes from FedEx Cup To Tin Cup.