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Eye View Music Medicine, Morgellons Disease Exists In Joni Mitchells Head

January 26, 2012

Imagine having the feeling that tiny bugs are crawling on your body, that you have oozing sores and mysterious fibers sprouting from your skin. Sound like a horror movie? Well, at one point several years ago, government doctors were getting up to 20 calls a day from people saying they had such symptoms.

Many of these people were in California and one of that state’s U.S. senators, Dianne Feinstein, asked for a scientific study. In 2008, federal health officials began to study people saying they were affected by this freakish condition called Morgellons which has been a project of singer and Morgellon suffer Joni Mitchell.

The study cost nearly $600,000. Its long-awaited results, released Wednesday, conclude that Morgellons exists only in the patients’ minds.

Eye View contends he could have found the same nothing in Joni Michells head  for half the price..