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State Of Washington Voters Legalize Smoking Pot As Health Care Cost Is Redistributed, You May Be A Low Information Voter

December 6, 2012

The crowds of happy people lighting joints under Seattle’s Space Needle early Thursday morning with nary a police officer in sight bespoke the new reality: Marijuana is legal under Washington state law. When the clock struck, they cheered and sparked up in unison. A few dozen people gathered on a sidewalk outside the north Seattle headquarters of the annual Hempfest celebration and did the same, offering joints to reporters and blowing smoke into television news cameras. “I feel like a kid in a candy store!” shouted Hempfest volunteer Darby Hageman.

 Smoking pot in Washington State goes into effect  as health care cost spriral out of control. If you are a  kid in the candy store and voted in the  legalization of smoking  pot……you may be a low information voter.


750 Mile Yard Sale Ready To Kick Off, Dads Break Out The Tighty-Whities

August 2, 2012

Are you ready for some bargain knick knacks? How about so many that you’ll not in a lifetime get to see them all?

What’s being billed as “The “World’s Longest Yard Sale” kicked off on Thursday, giving shoppers access to 690 miles of deals up and down US Highway 127.

The four-day event was started by an executive in Tennessee, who wanted to get more people off the major highway that spans more than 750 miles, and traveling the back roads of the rural area.

The yard sale, which was originally 350 miles, has nearly doubled in size since its conception 25 years ago and spans six states.  Shoppers can check out the thousands of vendors in Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama.

“Southern hospitality has led to couples being taken into private homes because nothing else was available,” according to a statement. “Some visitors to the sale try to find lodging when and where needed. Some find cancellations, some go up to fifty miles, to the right or left of the sale route, to spend the night. Some even sleep in their car.

Dads on high alert… 


‘This is Alabama; we speak English,’ governor candidate says

April 29, 2010

Amid a national debate over Arizona’s tough new immigration law, Republican Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James (and son of previous Gov. Fob James) vows in a new campaign ad that if he’s elected, he’ll give the state driver’s license exam only in English, as a cost-saving measure.

“This is Alabama; we speak English,” he says in the ad. “If you want to live here, learn it.”