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21- Year Old High School Student James Nash Tries Football Do Over To Recapture His Best Of Times

November 11, 2012

Each year there are a handful of troubling transfer stories, with players who parachute into a new school for athletic benefit rather than academic enhancement.  Still, none of those transfers, not even the most troubling, can compare with the story of Javier Jones of Mount Pleasant (Mich.) High, for a simple reason: Javier Jones never even existed.

That’s not to say that there wasn’t a person wearing a football jersey and competing as a human being named Javier Jones. It’s simply that the aforementioned player was actually a 21-year-old named James Nash, masquerading as a high school senior to try and tap back into one last rush of glory.

21- year old James Nash trying to recapture his days of high school glory. His Best of Times.