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Free iPhone 4 Case: Apple To Offer FREE iPhone Bumper To Solve Antenna Issue

July 16, 2010

Apple CEO Steve Jobs responded to weeks of criticism over a faulty antenna in Apple’s iPhone 4, saying that the phone’s flaws are no worse than other smartphones. Still, he said Apple would give a free case to all iPhone 4 owners to fix reported signal problems.

“This is life in the smartphone world,” Jobs said. “Phones aren’t perfect.

“We haven’t figured out a way around the laws of physics yet.”

So what’s the solution? Jobs says already released iOS 4.0.1 Thursday, which fixes the issue of how the phone calculates signal strength.

And if you already bought an iPhone 4 or you buy one before Sept. 30, you will get a free bumper to cover the phone.

So if you place your Iphone in the new cell phone bumber  cover this should eliminate future problems.. Cell phone covers come in red or black..

Eye View Technology, Iphone 4 Problem Solved, Recall Cancelled

July 14, 2010

Eye View Technology,iPhone 4′s antenna problem looks worse than it is, but it’s still bad

July 6, 2010

The iPhone 4’s antenna issues have sparked off a firestorm of debate as to the root cause — Apple says holding the phone differently or buying a case are the best answers, while other are going down a more voodoo path — but our friends at AnandTech have done some more scientific testing of the problem and come up with a few interesting results.

The ham radio case  reduces the antenna issues and the built- in lubrication decreases death grip..

Steve Jobs Says Be Careful How You Hold The Iphone 4,Consumer Reception Unclear

June 28, 2010

Apple boss Steve Jobs has responded to complaints about the new iPhone 4 losing its signal by telling users to ‘just avoid holding it in that way’.

Angry users have complained that the $500 phone’s reception suddenly plunges to almost zero when they simply hold it in their hand.

Dozens of videos have been placed on YouTube showing the iPhone 4 losing signal the moment the metal antenna that surrounds the edge of the new device is covered.

Jobs issued his bizarre advice as he responded to an email from a user on the Ars Technica technology news site who had complained about the sudden loss of signal.

In an astonishingly blunt response, Mr Jobs replied: ‘Just avoid holding it in that way. All phones have sensitive areas’. Hold the antenna more towards the middle and not along the bottom. Can you hear me now? Iphone 4 users can be sensitive too..