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Creepy CNN Interviewing Children At The Scene Of A Crime Drama Over Trauma

December 15, 2012

Why are news networks interviewing terrified children?

It’s a question many are asking after the horrific school shooting in Newtown, Conn. that killed at least 20 children and perhaps seven adults. The entire country is in shock, network news reporters included — but that’s no excuse for interviewing small children who may be badly traumatized. The fact is, there’s almost never a journalistic reason to interview kids, especially those who are likely in shock. Children don’t tend to be the most eloquent witnesses. And they aren’t supposed to be. They’re children. But especially today it feels bizarre, exploitive and just plain stupid to put microphones in the faces of young witnesses, even if their parents — also likely to be in shock — agree to interviews in the moment. It’s dramatic, sure. But protecting children from further stress and trauma should take precedence over drama.

Creepy CNN interview children with no news value putting drama over trauma.