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New Iphones Indian Poker Application,Drinking Parties Just Got More Interesting

June 25, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, USA (AFP) – Apple fans mobbed stores in Japan, Europe and the United States on Thursday to become the first owners of the latest-generation iPhone.

Hundreds of people queued up outside the Apple store in downtown San Francisco, where one person reportedly sold a premier place in line for 400 dollars and another swapped a spot for an iPhone 4.

This latest generation of phone is exciting for IPhone owners based on its latest application of Indian poker.

 You need a several new Iphones to play this game.  Without looking at the phone, each person sticks their Iphone on their forehead so that everyone else can see it. You can stick the IPhone to your head with spit or on a hat. Spit works best.

Each player determines whether they think they have the highest poker hand on their phone. The person to the left of the dealer starts the betting (in drinks). The next person calls, raises or folds. This goes around until everyone has folded or called.

If you fold, you must drink however many drinks as you previously bet. If you call and lose, you must drink as many drinks as you bet. The winner drinks nothing. It’s rather simple and sounds a bit stupid, but once you get a few drinks in you, half the fun is watching everyone else with Iphone on their forehead looking like a dork.