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Ask The Eye Great Job And You Stuck Your Landing!

July 24, 2013

Dear Eye View
My wife and I have had sex for several years now. I’m not sure the best way to explain it, so I’m going to just give you some examples of things she says during sex. “You’re doing great!” “Your technique and fundamentals are really good.” “Yes! Keep going! You can do it!” “Wow! That’s good. You must have been practicing!” Mind you, let me reiterate, these are things she is saying WHILE we are having sex. Yes, in the middle of the act, she keeps saying all these words of encouragement. What is she, my coach? I’m just so flabbergasted by this, I don’t even know what to say to her. She doesn’t even really talk dirty, she just will shout all these words of encouragement. I really have to dig deep in my mind for really dirty thoughts to stay in the mood because to me it is so ridiculous that I just want to burst out laughing sometimes. What is this all about?


Dear Confused
I understand your concern.Some people love to coach from the sidelines. Many people use the Internet for entertainment and relaxation. Maybe you should check it out. Hope it helps..


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Huma Wiener Is Hillary Clintons Body Person But Weak In The Facebook

June 7, 2011

As political pundits hyperventilated on Monday over whether Anthony Weiner could hold onto his job, not a few Washington insiders were more curious about whether he could hold onto his wife—Huma Abedin, the legendary and enigmatic close aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Not surprisingly, Abedin was no where near the painful press conference when the brash Queens congressman twice tearfully apologized to her for sending lewd photographs of himself to women he met online. They were married 11 months ago in a ceremony officiated by Bill Clinton. Abedin has long been considered one of world’s most intriguing women. Stunning, smart, fluent in Arabic and notoriously discreet, she has for the past 15 years had held a firm place in the Clintons powerful orbit, mostly as Hillary Clinton’s “body person.”Abedin has the energy of a woman in her 20s, the confidence of a woman in her 30s, the experience of a woman in her 40s, and the grace of a woman in her 50s,” Clinton told Vogue in 2007. “She is timeless, her combination of poise, kindness, and intelligence are matchless.”She always worked close to Clinton, and in 2000—when Clinton was running for the senate—Abedin became her ubiquitous traveling aide, the person with Clinton every waking minute, who makes the trains run on time and who must anticipate her boss’ needs. She carries two BlackBerries and is, in effect, the gatekeeper, thereby making her a rather powerful arbitrator of who reaches Clinton.

Weiner wife carries two Black Berries is Hillary Clintons body person  put not so good with Facebook.