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Brain Drain Alert… Lawmakers And Aides Looking To Retire Due To Obamacare

June 13, 2013

Dozens of lawmakers and aides are so afraid that their health insurance  premiums will skyrocket next year thanks to Obamacare that they are thinking  about retiring early or just quitting.The fear: Government-subsidized premiums will disappear at the end of the  year under a provision in the health care law that nudges aides and lawmakers  onto the government health care exchanges, which could make their benefits  exorbitantly expensive.The problem is far more acute in the House, where lawmakers and aides are  generally younger and less wealthy.
If the issue isn’t resolved, and massive numbers of lawmakers and aides bolt,  many on Capitol Hill fear it could lead to a brain drain just as Congress  tackles a slew of weighty issues — like fights over the Tax Code and immigration  reform.

Lawmakers who signed bill now threaten brain drain over Obamacare. D’oh



Smart TVs Can Spy On Their Owners Hackers Looking To Crack The Code Of TV Viewers

December 17, 2012

Viewers, beware: while you’re watching TV, your TV might be watching you back. A security firm discovered that Samsung’s Smart TV can give hackers access to the device’s built-in camera and microphones, allowing them to watch everything you do.

The Malta-based firm ReVuln posted a video showing its team of researchers hacking into one of the Samsung TVs and accessing its settings, channel lists, widgets, USB drives, and remote control configurations. The security flaw allows hackers to access any and all personal data stored on the TV.“We can install malicious software to gain complete root access to the TV,” the video writes.

Smart TV will allow hackers access to crack the code of  TV viewers. ‘To Start Press Any Key’. Where’s the ANY key?



Iran Places Homer Simpson On Toy Black List While Working To Export Barbie

February 8, 2012

TEHRAN, Iran — An Iranian government-affiliated agency has banned dolls of the Simpsons cartoon characters, who join Barbie and others on a toy blacklist, an independent newspaper reported on Monday.

The report said that the Simpsons were banned to avoid the promotion of Western culture. But Superman and Spiderman were allowed, because they helped the “oppressed.”Farjoo said however that dolls of Spiderman and Superman were authorized for sale. “They help oppressed people and they have a positive stance,” he said.

Farfoo added that we are hoping to take Barbie off the black list and begin exporting her back into the US  as soon as possible.

Obama Disappoints Some Indian Officials Using A Teleprompter, Invite Him, Then See Who He Is

November 6, 2010

According to parliament sources, a technical team from the US has helped the Lok Sabha secretariat install textbook-sized panes of glass around the podium that will give cues to Obama on his prepared remarks to 780 Indian MPs on the evening of Nov 8.

It will be a 20-minute speech at Parliament House’s Central Hall that has been witness to some historic events, including first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s “tryst with destiny” speech when India became independent.

Obama will make history for more than one reason during the Nov 6-9 visit. This will be the first time a teleprompter will be used in the nearly 100-feet high dome-shaped hall that has portraits of eminent national leaders adorning its walls.

Indian politicians are known for making impromptu long speeches and perhaps that is why some parliament officials, who did not wish to be named, sounded rather surprised with the idea of a teleprompter for Obama.

“We thought Obama is a trained orator and skilled in the art of mass address with his continuous eye contact,” an official, who did not wish to be identified because of security restrictions, said.

Much like the US passing the Health Care Bill to see what was in it, India invited Obama and will see whats in him…